UVW texture editing

Hello devs , I’m having a little problem here as shown in the picture below

When I want to control the texture on a block i can only move it on x and y , i suggest that you add more options so the texture editing gets more comfortable to work with. in my situation here i had to split sides with different material id on sketchup

but still cant get the lines straight :confused:

when i type 0.10 it goes to the left and when i type 0.11 it goes to the right and it doesnt accept smaller values!.
I hope you improve the uv mapping in very near update

btw the 2.0 update is a revolutionary update i still cant believe its real XD , u r doing an amazing job guys keep it up


We’re having problem with mapping tiles too. :sob:

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Thank you for sharing this, we will keep optimizing the UV editing.

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Hello, what kind of problem do you meet? Any details? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @AnasArchViz ,

Thanks for the feedback. Good Point! We’ll consider to optimize the UV widget micro-controlling for next version.

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Same with AnasArchViz problem; tiles are not aligning properly

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Sometimes, even the textures on same axis doesn’t align and have inverted normal. These are two Revit walls linked together on a single file.

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