Uv mapping wood texture from rhino

Hello, having issues when importing uv mapped materials from rhino. Maps show up with correct orientation in Rhino but when imported to D5, maps on some faces of boxed surfaces flip 90 degrees and thus do not look realistic. I am using box mapping setting in rhino (WCS/OCS)

Any ideas?

have a work around which is splitting srfaces up and applying seperate materials but its a lot of extra work


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Hello Zacktobin, thanks for your feedback! Could you please send us a sample file which has this problem, as well as details of this problem? My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com
Thanks in advance! I will escalate this problem to dev team.

Hello, please try the new version of Rhino plugin, also, you can turn on Triplanar for those materials which are not synchronized correctly.