UV Mapping scaling issue

Dear D5 Staff,

I find the UV Mapping tool to be limited and very confusing. D5 seems to only have X & Y mapping controls as opposed to Lumion with (Box mapping) X, Y & Z controls. D5 appears to lack the ability to slow down the positioning of materials (Holding down ‘SPACE BAR’ in Lumion while adjusting the position of a material will slow down the process and allow you to Map more accurately (Lining up tile patterns for example). If I have a tile pattern .jpg image that is 1300mm x 1300mm, I will type a scale of 1.3 in Lumion. In D5, I need to type in 0.7692307…etc etc (1/1.3) and hope that the pattern will work properly over a larger area.’

Essentially, I don’t understand the logic in typing in say 0.5 to increase the size of a texture, and typing say 2, to decrease the size of a texture. Surely, it would be more logical to be the opposite. Could you introduce a toggle ‘invert’ switch for those users who prefer the opposite of this?

Many thanks.