Upscaling to 16K with AI for FREE

Dear friends and colleagues,

Some of you may already know this but I’m pretty sure many others don’t, so I’m leaving this useful website here (there is now days plenty of websites like this) for those who don’t know, there are upscaling websites out there that can take low Res images to new grounds with the help of artificial intelligence!

I have personally tested myself many times, and you can rest assure that the results are amazing:

 1. In case you want to upscale your views because your pc is not strong enough to render at heigh resolutions.

 2. In case you have a pretty cool texture but it's unusable due to its low resolution.

The first 5 images are free, then you get 1 free image per week, so choose wisely what you want to upscale!

I hope you find this useful as I did when I found it!



A useful tool it is! Thank you for sharing~