Update the loaded model (FBX)

Hello. The option to update the loaded model (FBX) is needed. For example: I loaded the model, did the texturing, and then decided to remove the painting behind the bar. I can do this in a 3D editor. But I will need to do the texturing again, and put the model in the same place. If it is possible to update the model (I will save the edited model in the same folder and under this name) there will be less wasted work.

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Hello, please back up your files first. Then you could open the file and try Reload function:
I think it will keep the textures you added in D5 Render.

Hi Oliver,
when does FBX import come including textures?
This I really miss.

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Hello Flamingo, I consulted the dev team, it cannot be done in the short term because there are too many kinds of texture formats for FBX. We have to keep updating the plugins to make them support all the latest versions of modeling software.

Does that mean, that FBX inc. textures, will never come?
D5 is the only 3d software on the market, without this feature.
This is dissapointing.


Hello. Please make at least support for .mtl files

No, it will come. Our team is discussing this feature, will keep you updated.


ok, we will consider this. What CAD software do you use, to export mtl files?

the mtl file works in conjunction with obj. obj it is free format. if you save objects in obj together with mtl, then the objects (scene) are fully textured. you can save from blender, stetchup, autocad, cinema 4d, archicad. that’s just what I know.