Twinmotion to D5 render!

As Twinmotion files could be exported to UE and D5 render based of UE so could you have the potentials to import Twinmotion files also?

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For now it is not supported, we may add this feature in future. I will record this need, thank you!

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It would be crazy, exporting from one render engine to another :exploding_head:

The idea is good. I use Twinmotion because it can use Quiexl resources. I hope D5 will install and work with the Bridge plug-in as UE does.

D5 assets will keep growing fast with our D5 Works project, including scanned assets as Quiexl. Meanwhile, more supported formats and dcc plugins will be available. But “Twinmotion to D5” is not yet under consideration :rofl: