Truck + Trailer assets

Please could you add more trucks + trailers like in lumion please (see attachment). It’s useful for most of us :slight_smile: please :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Please make them good ones. The ones in Lumion are terrible.

Can you tell me your scenes to use trucks and trailers? Many users have a strong request for plants and people, we are now developing them, thank you for your advice.

Thank your for your suggestions.

We use a lot of trucks for warehouse images.
Logistics is a huge, fast-developing industry due to the uptake of online ordering.
Examples attached.

Got it, thanks for the reference.

Hello, my projects are basically industrial and I need trucks, both Lumion and Enscape have models, not of great quality but something is better than nothing

Thanks for the advice.

It’s almost been a year now but D5 still has only 1 asset for truck and trails category. Please add some more assets for this category guys.
I’m forced to return to Lumion to make industrial architectural animation thanks to their various type of trucks and trails (21 in version 11.5) compared to only 1 in D5 right now. Twinmotion also has 8 different types of truck and trail objects in their library.

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+1 !!! Pleas ! And articulate truck too

correct more trucks please. one one model that is dynamix atm. you can download static models off course but dynamic are better off course (with license plate possible)