Tropical Assets

Hello D5 team!
I have 2 requests :grin: hoping they aren’t a big problem for you.

1- More and better Tropical vegetation assets, such as palm trees, please this would be a game changer for me.

2- Male bathsuit assets, we have many girls on bikini which are grea, but no males :pensive: and children. 90% of my proyects are beach or pool themes and I can really use more beach assets :palm_tree::grin::parasol_on_ground:

P. S. Any news on the “photo match” request??
A feature like Keyshot’s backplates would be perfect.

3,000 Thanks! :+1:

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Hello @xamr88 ,

  1. A lot of plant will be updated in the past two weeks.

  2. already added to our Roadmap of D5 Assets Library

thank you for your suggestions!


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Wow, good news!
Thank you!