The Isolated Cabin

Theme: Cartoon Cabin in the valley
Artist: Nicolas Milet
Graphics Card: RTX 3090 FE
Brief description of post-processing: No post prod
Original modelization
Inspiration source: “Cabins” by Cruschiform

Description of the work:
What if we can immerse ourselves in 3D in a 2D work? :thinking:

Original Illustration - “Cabins” by Cruschiform

3D interpretation - Nicolas MILET

“What if we can immerse ourselves in 3D in a 2D work? :thinking:

This is the experience I tried to achieve with this video! 5 months ago I posted a 3D reinterpretation of the digital illustration “California Modernism” by the artist cruschiform, so here is the continuation of this series by going further in the process to offer an immersion in the 3rd dimension of the original work from the “Cabins” series also produced by Cruschi! :ok_hand:


  • 3D modeling of the scene based on the graphic style of the original illustration (Sketchup)
  • Setting the sunshine, adjusting textures in an image / video rendering software (D5 Render)
  • Video / audio editing, cutting sequences, adding music and ambient sounds, adjusting transitions to the music. (DaVinci Resolve)
  • Cooking at thermostat 6 for 15 min, watch immediately!:pie:

I hope you enjoy !


Top Nicolas, great work :+1:

love it!!! :heart_eyes:thanks for your sharing~ :heart:

This is so cool! great work and style!

I did not see the video or link…

But the images are gorgeous, do you mind sharing the settings in your model or textures?


I think it’s cool too! :+1:
I just can’t imagine being able to do this in sketchup. I only know such images from graphic programs.

Would like to know the link to see the video

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very very nice. :heartbeat:

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Just… amazing render style. I would like learn more about the process.
It’s like an 60 & 70’s architecture illustration.

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Thanks ! :slight_smile: The Isolated Cabin - Graphic 3D Illustration - YouTube

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