System requirements for large scale projects

I’m not using D5 yet, but I’m orientating to buy the right PC before start using D5. There is off course information on system requirement on the website. But what I’m curious about, the recommended requirements will they also work for big scale projects? Like for example these images from the gallery:

I mean I know the program will run better and smoother the higher the specs are, but will it also work with recommended requirements or will it then crash.

So I’m in doubt about a pc with i7, AMD Ryzen 9, RAM 32GB, Nvidia RTX 3070. Will that work for these large scale projects? Or will it be unworkable slow.

Hope someone can give me some advise, thanks in advance.

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Hello, I advise you to increase the VGA. I started with a 10GB 3080 and on scenes full of objects I struggled to move. I upgraded to a 24gb 3090ti.

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Congratulations for the renders

It’s doable but you will need the most you can to work smoothly, I will recommend 64GB of Ram and a 3090 if you plan to go for this kind of scenes in the long run.

Also you may already be aware that this kind of large scenes require a good resource management from your side, in order to optimize the performance since D5 renders everything in the screen in real time, I have done similar scale stills with the following configuration:

Ryzen 3950
64 GB RAM 4000Mhz
RTX 3090 24GB VRAM
NVME 2.0


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