Synchronize Layer Skethcup to D5 Render

Thank you for the new updates, D5 team,
So far that I know D5 still not recognize the layer system on SketchUp, I think it will be good if D5 can recognize the layer system on SketchUp, so if the object on the layer SketchUp is off, the object on the D5 also disappeared and vise versa, without we need to hide the object on Sketchup.
I think it will make the workflow more convenient…

Hope it will be added In the next updates…

i also requested this a loooong time ago… it’s bad that this feature is still missing

Yes I agree. This will be very helpful PLEASE! D5 to recognizing SK layer/Tags. Please add to next update. Thanks.

Hey, guys:

The D5 Converter has updated(0.3.9), and support the layer (Hide/Unhide) sync to D5 Render.

And the known issue is the layer is not related to the SU scene within D5 Render, because there is not an actual layer function in D5 Render currently, you could click the sync button to reload the model so that you could update different layer with a different scene.


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finally at least something…

Thank you, it will make our workflow easier… :smile: