Suggestions to Developers

I know the “Voice of D5 Users” exists but it doesn’t properly address a few urgent things.

First, what are we expecting to see on the next release? I am not sure the Roadmap is been updated to reflect what are the upcoming features. Because if that is the case I am afraid it won’t be enough.
For interior visualization there are 2 major points that need to be addressed ASAP:

  1. The ability to import an scene with all models detached so the user can hide, rotate, position, delete, etc
    2.The ability to change or increase light bounces improving the quality of image/video.

What have been done about it? Are we to expect these at all? When, exactly?
D5render had the edge a few months ago but it is not so clear now to put it mildly. D5render needs to mature quicker and the 2 points above are an absolute necessity to be implemented ASAP.
Why ASAP? Because May 26, 2021 changed the rules. The release of Unreal Engine 5 early access have put a lot of pressure on all rendering engines developers to try to make a competitive product and substantially up the game.
If D5render wants to remain a valid option for visualization, these two points above should be addressed ASAP.
All the best


Hi, thank you for the suggestions. We will take them into consideration. Besides, the quality of video is not that related with the light bounce times, and we are optimizing the GI and the quality as well, trying to find a balance to reach the best result.