Suggestion: Good navigation

It is not good. I don’t think I have to explain.

Alright, it would be good if you could share details or what other software has a good navigation in your opinion, thanks for the feedback~

Especially rotating is extremely hard. It is like driving a big truck. Try Enscape or Twinmotion. There is no limit for turning while holding the specific button required. In D5 we have to click 5-6 times in order to rotate. Other than that i like the rest.

I must apologize for my first post on this. End of a very long night. But AE19 explained it well. For setting up stills, D5 nav is perfectly sufficient, but I do a lot of real-time walkthroughs with clients, so that aspect of nav is very important to me. Aside from the “big truck” description :slight_smile: the speed is a bit too fast, even with applying the space-bar, for my purposes.


Never mind, about the rotation, we will optimize it. And about the moving speed, you can adjust it here:

Yeah. I set that to 1. Would like even slower for interior moves :))


Hi Oliver,

A great example is Twinmotion which lets users choose their favourite way of navigation. My biggest gripe with D5 is its clumsy navigation. What I would want is LMB to orbit, MMB to pan and RMB to look around. What D5 does do well is to move to the place where the mouse is pointing (which TM does not). If this could be implemented (or user configurable), I would probably only use fly mode. Now I have to switch all the time to use pan and look around. Big nuisance.

Hope there will be some traction to change this.


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And implementing a speed system (like TM) that has more options (from very slow to very fast)