Suggestion: Good navigation

It is not good. I don’t think I have to explain.

Alright, it would be good if you could share details or what other software has a good navigation in your opinion, thanks for the feedback~

Especially rotating is extremely hard. It is like driving a big truck. Try Enscape or Twinmotion. There is no limit for turning while holding the specific button required. In D5 we have to click 5-6 times in order to rotate. Other than that i like the rest.

I must apologize for my first post on this. End of a very long night. But AE19 explained it well. For setting up stills, D5 nav is perfectly sufficient, but I do a lot of real-time walkthroughs with clients, so that aspect of nav is very important to me. Aside from the “big truck” description :slight_smile: the speed is a bit too fast, even with applying the space-bar, for my purposes.


Never mind, about the rotation, we will optimize it. And about the moving speed, you can adjust it here:

Yeah. I set that to 1. Would like even slower for interior moves :))