Substance To 3dsmax/Vray to D5Render


I would like to export a 3dsmax scene (with Vray-renderer enabled and using Vraymaterials) to D5 Render.
The VRay-materials are generated by using the Substance-plugin.

After importing a substance into slate materialeditor and then converting it to VRaymaterial with the pluginI can render the scene correctly with VRay.

Now I want to export the scene including Materials/Maps to D5.

It seems not to work to directly export such “Substance to VRay-Materials”, because the maps need to be “extracted/baked” from the substance file and afterwards connnected to the VRay-Material.

To do this by hand is painful, is the any way to do this automatically?


Hey Cascho,

Thanks for your feedback.
However, there is no automatical way to do this with current version of D5 Converter.

Just as your proposed method, if there is a way that convert or extract the materials from Substance to VRay, then you could use D5 Converter to export the VRay scene to D5 Render. You may denpend on the other plugin or method to do this.