StageLight 1.1

Hi D5 Guys and Gals!

D5, Stagelight is great! Whoop Whoop!

So an Idea -
I place loads of lights, often 20/30+ into a performance in a space roughly around 30m by 30m

I place some in Sketchup - the ones that light set pieces are fairly straightforward.
then I place more in D5 which are more creative - Stagelights and lights that light people or lights that throw a beam into a space.


– can we have barn doors on the stage light? (we could do a gobo but this wouldnt be practical and limited)

I’ve seen other software (including Lumion) have a ‘point at’ solution this was always fiddly (the way they implimented it) but it would still benifit D5

Cheers Chris

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Hello, the “point at” feature is nice. But the “barn doors”, sorry I do not understand :joy: you meant let lights stick to an object?

You have barn doors on the rectangular lights right ? Like this on a spotlight…

The way I’m using the lights are mirror a TV studio setting. With many lights pointing here and there, there’s alway light spills - barn door-ing the stage light (or the default cone shape it produces) helps this.
For instance - On a chat show each guest doesn’t sit under a cone of light but a square shape so no light spills onto the person next to them and lighting director has complete control.

I suppose ask too much !!! H a ha - it’s maybe too detailed for all you architects!!! If you have it on the rectangular lights then……