Some UI improving suggestions/advices

Hi everyone,
I like the new features of the D5 Render 2.2. Especially “layer” feature I liked. Many thanks to all the developers.

I have some suggestions/advices:

1- Grupping in secene list (folder structure or tag feature):
Managing the scene list can be very difficult when working medium or big size projects. Scene list grupping feature can resolve this problem.
Naming examples:

  • Exterior
    – Front side
    – Front side II
    – Front side from bottom - detail
    – Back side
  • Aerial view
    – North
    – South from hospital side
    – South to road
  • Inside
    – Kitchen
    — Kitchen general
    — Kitchen front
    — Kitchen left - Living room side
    – Entry Hall
    — Entry Door
    — Dressoir
    — …etc.

1A- Any scene group folder can be default and all new scene can added into this default folder.

1B- Each scene that has just been added should be added just below the active scene, not at the end of the list.

1C- Each scene should have “move to folder” in its context menu.

2- The names included at the all list can display more letters.


For exemple in Photoshop UI, layer names can contain and display(!) too many letter:
There is include 56 characters at this layer name and display all of them: (below)
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit”

3- Rendered file name rules:
FileName.[extension] >
SceneName+[date]+[autoincremental 2 digit].[extension]
[date] (optional)
Can use international standard date and time notation. YYYY-MM-DD, hh:mm:ss etc.

4- File size and folder structure optimization:
In D5 Render, project file size too big. There are unnecessarily large *.PNG files in the project folder. There are also many large and small files that we do not know what they are for. That’s why syncing files between computers takes a very long time. When working on the same project with Twinmotion, only a small *.tm file is enough. In other words, the folder where the project is should be clearer, simpler and cleaner.

5- Archive/package feature:

That’s all for now, thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you will not remain silent on our suggestions to make D5 Render more useful together, I wish you a good work.

Love all the suggestions you pointed out