Some things to change

Dear D5 engineers,

yesterday I’ve tested your software with one (of two) RTX2080Ti, I think this is a revolutionary rendering technology.

There are some things to fix and add:

Resizable interface:
I use a 21:9 LG monitor with a resolution of 5120x2160 pixels.
Unfortunately the D5 Render gui can’t be resized, it starts at the center of the screen and the four corners can’t be dragged to make the working area bigger. The only option available is to make the gui at full screen.
At full screen the huge resolution slows down the scene navigation.

Better organized interface:
Some gui panels are overlaid on the working area for example camera, materials, etc. Please make all inspector panels outside the 3d area with dock-undock magnetic feature.

Material panel:
The material panel suggests dragging and drop a texture, this is not true, in fact the dragged texture fills the entire texture inspector and blocks any further operation.
Add SSS option
Add better tiling option, sometime is not possible to resize the tiling to a certain value
Add mirroring tiling option
Add decals option
Add gamma input texture option
Add cropping option
Add matte option

Generally for high dpi monitors the D5 Render interface is too much tiny, it needs a magnify glass. My Windows 10 Pro resize is set at 125%

Mouse navigation:
3d mouse navigation is not easy, please make this customizable (see Twinmotion 2020)

Objects lister:
The program needs an object inspector for all items: object name (on-off visibility), groups (hierarchy), lights (on-off switch), assigned materials, layers, color tags (to distinguish object typology), and so on. Scene organization for serious working is basic.

Light instancing:
The D5 Render needs light instancing. After duplicating a bunch of lights is not possible to select one and modify all of them.

Object isolating:
As I wrote before object isolating to check textures and lighting is basic otherwise every modification will influence all the scene objects.

RT render feedback:
Very often there is no realtime feedback sliding the properties cursors, we have to slight move the slider step by step to check the modification.

Gpu manager:
add gpu selection for multiple gpus setups.

Glare post effect:
add proper glare effect with rays number

Real camera:
add proper real world camera parameters: f-stop, numeric focus distance, sensor iso, shutter speed, dof shape (blades)

add the possibility to load Luts, to modify the gamma, saturation, hue shift

add an “X” factor to supersample the render

Hdr environment needs direct lighting for well-focused shadows
Loading a new equirectangular hdr texture needs an automatic icon preview
At this stage (1.5.1 beta) the fog environment doesn’t work.
Add full color environment (no HDR texture)
Add Skylight texture model linked with the sun

RTX kernel:
add render samples, max reflection/refraction depth, shadow samples, GI samples

add parallax displacement

add more saving formats: jpg, png, exr, hdr sequence
add h265 video save format
add non compressed video save format
add camera motion blur
add camera roll animation
add fbx animation import
add alpha out

Best regards.


Great ideas I will see on 1.7 ? I hope

Very good ideas! I hope they add these improvements!

Hi Gabrielefx,

Thank you very much for the suggestions and ideas.
They’ve already been forwarded.
Will be released in the future updates