Some more decals in the future?

the new version is amazing, the parallax interiors are insane, I hope that the number of these objects will be gradually increased. I would like to point out that the decals do not contain the word STOP or the usual dashed line separating the traffic lanes, there is an inscription do not park but the word parking is not there … can you count on a supplement? And if not, is there a tutorial on how you can add downloaded decals from quixell or pooliigon yourself and is it possible at all? Some dirt at the curbs in the form of gravel and other dirt that occurs along the edge of the curbs on roads or sidewalks would be useful.

Regards to the entire D5 team, you are doing an amazing job creating the most forward-looking, fast and intuitive rendering program.

  1. There is a decal that contain the word “stop”.

  2. About the dashed line and gravel decals, we will add them in the future. Thanks for your advice.

  3. Here is the No Parking sign.

  4. To insert custom decals, you can use decals from D5 library directly, then change the base color map with your own ones and add them to your local library.

In addition, about the gravel decals, could you please show us some examples?