Soft shadows in glass reflection

Hello D5 team,

I am really looking forward to the 1.9.0 update and I hope that we will get the improvement of having soft shadows in glass reflection because that is a very important thing for realism, in my opinion.

Thank you for all your work.



Thanks for posting here. We have added soft shadows and keep improving it, maybe you can post a screenshot of the problem or what effect you want? It would be good if you can share with us your ideal effect.

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This is what I meant. It can be seen that the sun shadow is soft, but not in the reflection of the glass material, where it is very sharp.

Thank you.

Ok, I understand your meaning now. And we will continue to optimize the reflection and shadow effect.



Hello Oliver.
Could You write something about state of works in above theme? Soft shadows are still not visible in reflections visible on transparent glass (not mirror).

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Hello szakul, sorry for the late reply, for now there is still no fix for the official version, but we will fix it for sure. We have a workaround and if you need this fix urgently, please let me know.

Yes, please. :slight_smile:

sorry for the late reply, we just released a test version for it (D5 Render Preview). If you want to try, please check the private message I sent you.

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I’ve rendered a few images with 2.2.0884. Huge difference compare to 2.1. Wow. Congratulations.
As I see, it’s available in static renders only. Do You have in plans to add it in video too?

Yes, it is planned. We will optimize the static rendering first, then bring the fix to video rendering.

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