Snow material and winter trees

Hello. In d5render there is no snow material and no winter trees and bushes at all. I tried to tweak the material but it turned out badly. And there are no models of winter nature at all, even in pro. The nature of Northern Europe, Canada, the United States and Russia is impossible to show. It is very necessary to add snow, ice, icicles and snow-covered trees.

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The asset team will take it into consideration. For now, if you want snow-covered trees, maybe just pick the material of trees and adjust it to white. The link @rashedexe shared could be of help to you. :bowing_woman: :bowing_woman: :bowing_woman:

Hello. Thanks @rashedexe for the help. But this is a compromise… I would very much like at least a small set of winter nature and materials. Palm trees are cool :). But we have a harsh climate, and the cold season is more than six months. The moments associated with winter are important, including in the architect. Plus New Year and Christmas. Mountain resorts. Winter sports. D5 loses to lumion and twinmotion in that there are no winter sets in d5. And I’m not the only one here :). I suppose that there are a lot of users from northern and southern latitudes.


OK I will forward this to the asset team :cry:

Thank you!

BUT the weight of such a tree in the snow 3D -250-280 mb
Use my trees in the snow for free, size 13-20MB

it would be very instructive and very nice if you could make a YouTube video for D5 people.
Especially if you can show how to do that and not just nice winter video.
In addition, everyone can learn a lot from you.
I also collect YouTube videos so that I can imitate it later and learn.
thank you

Wow… thanks