.snap problem

I think that the movement should be locked in the z axis when working in the 2D window… Also, adding some snap commands may im

prove the user experience.

Hello, thank you for your suggestion, and I like the shortcuts in Blender too. We will support custom shortcut keys in D5 2.2.

By the way, in the orthographic view, the height will be fixed unless you click the origin point.

And if you want to move a file in Z axis, you can just drag the axis, and other axis will not be affected.
If we misunderstand your meaning, please let me know, thanks~

Sorry, I just saw your post in Facebook group and now I know you want to duplicate models. Ok, then please try holding Shift then dragging the axis with your mouse.

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Thank you… I did not notice that there was a Shift shortcut for copying and the problem was solved … but in all cases it is preferable to prevent the movement of height when working from the top