Small House Redesign

After doing several tests with other projects, this is my first real project with D5 render and this is my conclusions and experiences.

My PC settings

Windows 10 x64
Intel i9 9900k 5.0Ghz
Egva Geforce RTX 2080 Ti Ultra 11Gb
64 Gb DDR4 3000Mhz

Scene details

5.47 gb in D5 scene file
Many trees and plant D5 assets
Some Furniture and people from 3rd party
1:25 seconds for each 4K render
The scene loads in less than a minute
It moves very well in HQ navigation
I have 24 scenes inside the archive
The program never crashed

Some tips and problems

When changing scene you have to click again so that the camera is put where it was.
The camera sometimes goes anywhere, going to another scene and returning corrects itself.
The material selection pick is sometimes not highlighted and does not select, we must insist.
The Assets window is not activated, once I had to restart the program to make it return.
When objects are grouped, then they cannot be selected in the scene, you have to go to the list and select it there.
In materials with transparency, sometimes you cannot load the alpha mask, no matter what type of file you are trying.
When looking for a material, or saving an image, you have to navigate again to the place you want, every time !!!
Even in HQ navigation the scene is sometimes not seen in real lighting.

But after this experience it seems to me a VERY GOOD SOFTWARE, especially for the realism easy to achieve, with very little work-

Joe Louis