SketchUp plugin - base color value

When working in SketchUp, editing a texture material generates a base color, which is an average color of the pixels in this material (before adjustments are made)

When this material comes through into D5, this base colour is multiplied with the texture and this often produces some strange results and inconsistencies.

For example a texture that was a black and white checkerboard in SketchUp would generate a 50% grey value.

However this 0.5 value would make the texture very dim in D5 as they are half as bright

Yes, it may be a known issue for the textures with the color of SketchUp material.

As the blending modes of texture and color are different between SketchUp and D5 Render.

We will optimize that soon to make the result consistently, thanks.

Thanks for the quick reply Jeremy, I’m pleased to hear it’s already known about :slight_smile:

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