Sketchup folders and Tags

Hi all,
I’m Very new to D5, so far, but it’s all thankfully familiar and intuitive.

My question is
Does the latest Version of Sketchup work with the latest Sketchup converter for D5?
Looks like D5 doesn’t like tags in folders the real-time syncing just doesn’t work. If I expand/delete the folders I can then manually sync and that works. But not real-time updating.
Can anyone help me understand if this is a problem or an out of date converter awaiting an update ?

I downloaded the most recently available converter when I downloaded D5.

Thank you in advance

Hello, yes you are right. I did a test and found we support hide/show tags, but if the tags are in a tag folder, then it won’t work. I will let our team know this, thank you!

No worries,
Folders have really helped speed things up since they were introduced - I have alot of tags too so to drastically alter my model for the render stage is a big thing! not a deal breaker but a mile stone you cant go back from… not ideal. But I hope with the fantastic job you are doing with D5, this will be addressed.

Just a side note, I tried to down grade yesterday to SU2020 to take advantage of the sync, it seems that licences have changed gradually over the years, I’m unable to use my pro licence for any other version other than the 2021. So the convenience of switching versions to use D5 isn’t available.
I will look at downloading the first SU2021 without folders - but again the thought of configuring plugins/extentions arrgh!! maybe they will be the ok…

Hello, our normal behavior is not real-time updating. To hide/show tags needs us to click on Sync button manually.
About the tag folders, I have recorded this request, thanks!