SketchUp 2022 extension

Does anyone know when the extension to sync a file from SketchUp 2022 will be available. I prematurely uninstalled my SketchUp 2021.

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I am in the same Boat…Waiting… Hope soon.

another question:
could i work temporarily with sketchup 2021 and 2022, or is it only possible with one.

Hi, SketchUp2022 will be supported, but there is no clear timeline yet. It is recommended to temporarily save the model file in a lower version in SketchUp , for example, skp2021.


You can run SKP 2021 and 2022 in the same computer with no problem.
Later when new plug in is ready, you can consider uninstall 2021 if you don’t use it anymore.

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Hi all, thanks for your posting, could you please let us know, what is going on after you upgraded SU2021 to 2022? The plugin can no longer work, or cause any problems?
I think there will be no problem importing skp2022 to D5 directly, but with regard to the plugin, we hope you can share feedbacks with us, thanks in advance!

Hi all, glad to tell you that the new version of D5 Converter-SU has come out, which supports SU2022. You can download the latest version from our official site: Download | D5 Render


Thank you !

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