Simple bathroom

Interior : Bathroom:
Sergio Stockfleth:
RTX 2080Ti:
Rhino6, D5 Render, Photoshop, NikCollection:
I have through “material ID” selected the wall, floor and curtains, to enhance the shadow areas, to give it a bit more punch. Added a “Sunlight” effect to the final image in NikCollection:
Modeled the interior, and added sink, bathtub, and Miraki deco:
All added models are from

Just tried to come up with a simple bathroom concept, so that I could work with the lighting.:


Materials are very nice and real, good job!

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Thank you :smiley:

Ceramics look perfect, good job:). The only thing for me is too small or wrong, not seamless texture on bathroom cabinet, the same but not so strong on curtains.

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Thank you, and you are absolutely right about the seamless texture. While it is seamless, it is still too repetative on the cabinet, as well as the curtains. I think those are original D5 textures. The walls and floor are Quixel Megascans.

Nice Image, sergio.stockfleth :+1:t4:

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Thank you :pray:

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