Sequence Rendering


Thanks for your interesting updates.

Is it posssible to have a live preview of the rendering frame. Also an option to specify the time frame range is highly demanded. Currently if there is a mistake in the render, its visible only at the end of rendering . We have to re-render the whole sequence. A part rendering of a specific time frame range is highly required. Thank You!

Hi Buildonideas! Thanks for your advice.
Before taking this advice into consideration, I need to confirm something with you.

  1. You want to have a preview of several video clips in the rendering sequence right?
  2. Before clicking rendering, you want to get to know the estimated time of each video rendering in the rendering sequence, right?
  3. Lastly, by “a part rendering”, do you mean that if you found something wrong in the video clip during preview, you want an option that you can select a part of the video clip to be rendered?


Thanks for the reply

  1. Live preview of the currently rendering frame like we have in lumion or blender. We can see the render progress happening.

  2. Suppose we are rendering total 300 frames. But we have a mistake or change from 120 frames to 180 frames in between we need to have an option to re-render only that area instead of rendering the whole sequence once again. That will be a huge time saver

  3. You have already provided a preview of estimated rendering time for rendering a sequence in version 2.3. Thanks for that

  4. I am not clear on your point No. 1 (preview of several video clips in a rendering sequence)

Thanks for the detailed introduction! I understand what you want now. I have told your request to our dev team and they will take it into consideration.

Thank You :+1: