Separate each model from Revit

Hi! This is my very first day using D5 Render and I have a very simple questin… how can I import a model from Revit and being able to move each object separately in D5 scene?? Thanks!

Hi there,
It is not supported in D5 right now :writing_hand:. Currently, the model is imported into D5 as a whole. If you want to move each object separately, you need to import them separately. We will consider a function similar to ungrouping in the future.

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Thank you so much for the quick answer! I think this question doesn’t match here, but… is there any kind of material library in order to use? Or I have to create every material from my own textures and maps?

The Online Asset Library contains three categories: Model, Material, and Particle. Online Assets - User Manual ( :innocent: Material library provides excellent quality PBR material presets that can be used after clicking on them to download.

Hello @Aorzaez
In the latest converter, we included multiple functionality that allows you to separate Links and Custom Selected Categories, this will give much more freedom to control the visibility and position of those separated elements.

Please read more on this here: