Separate each model from Revit

Hi! This is my very first day using D5 Render and I have a very simple questin… how can I import a model from Revit and being able to move each object separately in D5 scene?? Thanks!

Hi there,
It is not supported in D5 right now :writing_hand:. Currently, the model is imported into D5 as a whole. If you want to move each object separately, you need to import them separately. We will consider a function similar to ungrouping in the future.

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Thank you so much for the quick answer! I think this question doesn’t match here, but… is there any kind of material library in order to use? Or I have to create every material from my own textures and maps?

The Online Asset Library contains three categories: Model, Material, and Particle. Online Assets - User Manual ( :innocent: Material library provides excellent quality PBR material presets that can be used after clicking on them to download.