Semi Detached House

this is one of my latest client projects. It is cloes to Munich
I tried to create a pleasant atmosphere with warm light
I modeled the house with Blender 3.2.1
D5 is the latest version
Post is with Photoshop and Nik Collection
Graphic card RTX 3090
I hope you like it


Nice, the vibe makes me feel comfortable :100:


Thank you Oliver

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Nice tones! i’m still uncomfortable with the rendering of 3D people in terms of realism, but the vibe is pleasant!

did you modelise the wood clading?

Thank you!
Yes, they are modeled and single textured. That makes it real. I think, that the 3D people look quite good.
They receive and send the correct light, GI and shadows.

Yep, but they still have that “perfect” look :smiley: but’s it’s hard to notice without zooming, so it’s working great!

The clean cut grass in the foreground is in 3D as well?

The whole scene is 3D, except the sky. It is a plane with a sky image I made.