Section cutting for D5

Any tips how to section cut in Sketchup for D5 render? Maybe some extensions?

“Any tips how to render section cut in Sketchup for D5?”

Because “section cut” and D5 render do not work yet.

Hi, D5 cannot render the section cut from SU directly, you may need to use the camera clipping plane in the future. Also we are going to develop a section cut feature inside D5.


Camera clipping in D5 is a good feature. I was able to make a few good scenes with that tool, but not as good as Vray and Sketchup. Since section cutting is a big deal in the rendering world, therefore D5 should make section cutting one of the main priorities. If you implement this, you might get a big chunk of customers from Vray world.

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We are waiting. Now we should have Section Cutting for D5 slowly coming into a usable phase. Also, we still can’t do parallel elevation. The camera clipping plane is not a viable solution.
Many other render programs have long been offering solutions such as Lumion, V-Ray, Enscape.

Please , D5 team. give us hope

Hi, our development team are working on this now :sweat_smile: