Secret Pirate Cave

Theme: Secret Pirate Cave
Artist: Leo from EPIX
Graphics Card: RTX 3090

Description of the work:
Special thanks to DHL for the wonderful inspiration to make my version of it.


Wow, atmospheric and beautiful rendering that’s how we imagined the pirate treasure island when we were kids.
thank you for sharing. Like it a lot. :heart_eyes:


Amazing man!

I’m actually doing a beach scene now. Which HDRI did you use there?

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Thank you so much for your great comment dadi. I love creating childhood dreams and wonderful adventure/fantasy stories.
Especially with D5 it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Thank you for liking lucascastro.
Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that. This HDRi was already included in the file from DHL. You can find this file under Scene express. I have created my version of it.

Thanks for sharing, amazing scene @denise I believe this is the file you need. @lucascastro [Scene Express Vol.91] Free 3D Assets, D5 Scene Download - Set Sail