Secret Pirate Cave

Theme: Secret Pirate Cave
Artist: Leo from EPIX
Graphics Card: RTX 3090

Description of the work:
Special thanks to DHL for the wonderful inspiration to make my version of it.


Wow, atmospheric and beautiful rendering thatโ€™s how we imagined the pirate treasure island when we were kids.
thank you for sharing. Like it a lot. :heart_eyes:


Amazing man!

Iโ€™m actually doing a beach scene now. Which HDRI did you use there?

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Thank you so much for your great comment dadi. I love creating childhood dreams and wonderful adventure/fantasy stories.
Especially with D5 itโ€™s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Thank you for liking lucascastro.
Unfortunately, I canโ€™t help you with that. This HDRi was already included in the file from DHL. You can find this file under Scene express. I have created my version of it.

Thanks for sharing, amazing scene @denise I believe this is the file you need. @lucascastro [Scene Express Vol.91] Free 3D Assets, D5 Scene Download - Set Sail