Searching in the library, objects used in a path tool

The inability to find even the name, not to mention the button that would allow you to find the object used in the path in the D5 library makes life in green projects very difficult… then you have to enter the path to select an object to give alt + d to insert it again and then you can see the name of the object and only then search for it by searching in the library… it takes some time. I think you can simplify… truth?

Hi pakkarchitekci, thanks for your feedback! We will improve the search function later. For now, the resource management tool may help you find a certain object by its type.

To know the object’s name, please select it and click on the “file” icon in Property - Models on the right side.

Again, thanks for your suggestion!


thanks, I’ll try right away because I’m just coming back to further planting :smiley:

No, it doesn’t show the name of the plant being used… also does not set the user in the D5 library on the selected hyba element that he himself will enter a given type of plant, eg shrubs and there jumping successively on the pages to find the object that is highlighted. But you have to lay the one that somewhere in the depths of the library has illuminated… as you have 4.5 thousand plants to plant is not easy…

Hi Krzysztof,

Sorry for that, I misunderstand your meaning and misguide April… :sweat_smile:
First, when we switch to small thumbnails, the plants will not display their names.

Second, it is true that we cannot find what plant we apply to the path tool. I will share this with product team and we will optimize this.

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It would be great!! Thank you Oliver.

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