Search shortcut as in 1.9

Can anyone help me

I’m looking for a shortcut for top wireframe, like 1.9 “T” to position lighting in top
I only found the “camera” then on “top” and then in “Display” and then Mode Wirefram and all steps back to be in “LIT”.
Using shortcut “T” and “P” was faster. There are too many steps.

Where do I find the option to step back, as in 1.9, when I have replaced the material and want to have the old material again with “Step back”.
(sometimes you unfortunately don’t know the old material anymore)

Hello, the shortcut Ctrl+Z for redo does not change in 2.0.
T and P also work to switch between top view and perspective view, but it will not turn on wireframe mode automatically. We are planning to add shortcuts for lit/wireframe mode.

For reference, Shortcuts - User Manual (


thank you oliver

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