Sculpting terrain

Both Twinmotion and Lumion have this very handy ability. D5 surpasses them both except for this ability.

Hi Jay, it is on the roadmap, maybe next year. We are working on rendering features in these updates.


Good to hear. So the update to 2.4 will be later this year? That would be a great Christmas present.

Hi mate, 2.4 will come out next year, beta testing will start this month.

I am very pleased. I have received a house project on the hillside for the next year. I’m already excited to see how precisely and easily we can work with it.

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looking forward to seeing your renders next year hh

coming up on a year now. Is there ever going to be the ability to sculpt and mound terrain?

Hi mate, Sculpting terrian has a high priority in our to do list, please be patient with the update.