Sculpting terrain

Both Twinmotion and Lumion have this very handy ability. D5 surpasses them both except for this ability.

Hi Jay, it is on the roadmap, maybe next year. We are working on rendering features in these updates.


Good to hear. So the update to 2.4 will be later this year? That would be a great Christmas present.

Hi mate, 2.4 will come out next year, beta testing will start this month.

I am very pleased. I have received a house project on the hillside for the next year. I’m already excited to see how precisely and easily we can work with it.

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looking forward to seeing your renders next year hh

coming up on a year now. Is there ever going to be the ability to sculpt and mound terrain?

Hi mate, Sculpting terrian has a high priority in our to do list, please be patient with the update.

I think it would be a good idea to have some high quality scanned/hi poly ‘surrounding terrain’ type models, they could be in the Landscape section, even just 1 - 5 of the main types say, Desert Canyon, mountain range etc. - it would be very handy as making horizons looking good around models/buildings is always one of the hardest things and to have some relatively tall objects which would obstruct the horizon line etc. would be great. Obviously this could also take advantage of Nanite (as it is pretty much literally what was used to demo the technology.

Keep up the good work


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Thank you for your advice.

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TOTALLY agree with this request. D5 is not completed without this tool.


Another 6 months has gone by. I am very patient, but I can’t really use D5 for work until this and 3D Conexxion space mouse implementation has been achieved. Your competion is just ahead.

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Hello. I really want, really need, to draw on the landscape with several textures. For example: I want to make a lawn and gravel paths around the house. Now, to get such a result, I have to create separate objects, paths and a lawn in a 3d editor. If I made a mistake with the position of the paths, I have to edit the 3d model. A lot of time is spent. I also really want a simple landscape editor, like in Lumion and twinmoushen, to make rivers, hills, roads in d5. All this now, I have to do in another app. It is difficult to make a good angle right away. In d5 it would be more convenient, faster, easier to do.


The realization of these wishes will be really a great help to architects. Not everyone works in programs where you can create a landscape surface. Often these are highly specialized technical programs, and usually there is no time to study additional 3D editors, to create separate scenes, etc. You need to make a beautiful visualization of the house in a very short time, therefore, perfectly, the render should have its own landscape and the ability to paint it as needed.

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Thanks for the feedback
We already have plan to make a simple landscape editing system, and landscape materials will be added continuously


I really need that. I don’t like making landscape in Sketchup. We need to make and edit landscape with landscape like Lumion.

Hi if I was to want to bring in my own landscapes - would applying an alpha’d PNG (i.e. a wide image with the sky removed/alpha’d) and applying it to a curve/arch model work?

same problem here.