Scene saving clipping, DOF

I’m not sure if this is a bug but clippings are not saved for each Scene setting.
This is a huge issue because we can’t use Render Queue both for Stills and Video export.
For the Videos, clipping should also be variable/keyframed at least on thumbnail positions.

Hi mate, I think this option may be turned on mistakenly on your D5 Render, please turn it off the check the result.
Want scenes to have different vibes? Turn off Camera Switch Only (

Ah, yes. Thank You. It’s working now.
All the Best and keep up the good work!

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Thank you! All the best~

Although, If I’m not mistaken again clipping plane can’t be keyframed for animations? I just change the clipping plane position for a few thumbnails and it is not updated for each thumbnail.

Hi mate, yes, unfortunately we do not support clipping plane key frames in the current version. We may support it in future when our new animation feature is finished.

Ok. Thx again for your support!

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