RTX 3090 vs 3080

Hi Guys, I’m going to change my RTX 2060 / with the new 1.6.2 release it’s really slow in editor mode/
I’m thinking of RTX 3090 vs 3080…do you think that it’s worth the double prize?..my models are not very heavy…and I’m not producing videos /almost any/…thanks for advice

PS. seems like the price of RTX 3090 is about 1.500€ and RTX 3080 about 700€

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RTX 3080


Bro that’s your own luxor if you can spend money and want a great speed with newer technology then you should but as per you requirements rtx 2060 is also a beast.

Garv, thank you. honestly I dont have problem with speed of render with RTX2060, but after last update my “model space:” is very very slow, I cant work in the regime of "preview: on high but mid or low settings…Im surprised because in the version before it was not that slow…

May be it is a software’s bug. You can wait if problem resolves after update then it’s good but if not then i think you should if you are facing problems

well thanks, seems like I will wait until next D5 update/release and see what happens, and then decide…but counting also the price/power ration I think I will buy 3080 rather then 3090

The price-to-performance of the 3080 is amazing for 99% of users. Unless you are working on massive scenes with 8k textures, the 3090 will be overkill. My company will be getting the 3090s simply because our scenes are huge (not in D5 yet, but in Lumion). We can really benefit from the 24GB of Vram. Supposedly the 20GB version of the 3080 is in production, but again the price point will be way under the 3090. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks bro

Hi there,

seems like a bug, it’s abnormal.
Could you please provide with screenshots of it, which can help us know the issue better.

Thank you

Hi All

For compare this is reale handy