Round edges for 1.8.0 PLEASE

Hi Team - know you are working hard on the new release. Please can we have round edges in the new release?

Thank you.


I am sure by the 18.0 version it will be. :smiley:

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This will be really nice - lets see what the response is. Look forward to it :raised_hands:

I was joking. That’s why I wrote 18 instead of 1.8

Think by 18.0 there will be new features we do not even have imagen yet :thinking:

Typing error should be 1.8.0

Yes please!

It is under development already. However, 1.8.0 almost freezes without this feature.

Thank you. Sorry I do not understand " almost freezes"

Will it be ready in 1.8.0?

Thank you for D5 latest version!

Would it be possible on your roadmap when will round corners function be introduced? Thanks.

i agree, round edges add this little bit of realism. i always use them in other programs like thea and vray. would be nice to see it in d5 too.


Yes we know! It’s on roadmap but not very soon. We’ll keep working on it