Revit curved line screen saver mode into D5

I’ve got a frequent problem.
Here you can see what’s about.

I modelised one item made of curves.
Curved lines are ok in revit on screen.
But when I export in D5 the are exported as " a screeen saver mode "
It remind me clearly the way Autocad used to do it: the curved are divided into further strait lines in order to save graphic card resources.

So, the question is clear: how to proces in orter ton get perfect curved lines into D5?

See below my exemple of today.

Does this got to do with this parameter I just saw?

Hello, yeah, you can increase the “Export Smoothness” value to the maximum, then export the model. After that, change it back.
This tutorial may help:
D5 Render-Revit Quick Start Guide | Sync Revit with D5 - YouTube