Retain "origin/axis/pivot" for importing objects into D5

Please implement an option to retain “origin/axis/pivot” for importing objects into D5. Right now D5 imports objects and automatically changes their axis to the base center.

Usually when working on big projects separate people are doing a different parts of the scene. “coordinates and locations” are set.
Say one is doing the base model, the other is modeling the buildings, the other is doing the landscape, etc. So when all the different parts of the scene are merged. their position is accurate.

It would be nice if D5 also has this implemented by retaining their “origin/axis/pivot” for importing objects into D5. So we can just type the coordinates of all imported models to just [0,0,0] in D5. No need to manually position or align which is inefficient and not accurate.


We need this too!

Thank you, we have decided to support this feature, please wait for our development :+1: