Retail Building in Brasília, Brazil

**Theme: Building
**Artist: Daniel Morato
**Graphics Card: RTX 2080ti
**Workflow: 3ds MAX + d5 Render + Photoshop
**Brief description of post-processing: Some color grading, sky replacement and PNG placement
**Whether the model is original: Original
**Model source: Daniel Morato Arquitetura

**Description of the work:

Hey guys! Theses are the first renders done of a small building in Brasília. We are still in the beginning and prototyping some options for the facades!

Hope yo guys enjoy!


They look great! How do you get that moving effect in the cars?


Just a simple motion blur in photoshop with a mask. No need to loose time doing something like motion blur in render.


mano, seu trampo tá nivel de corona, parabens! show

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