Requested features

Hello, we are impressed with how fast d5 is evolving.
Still, we keep using Lumion most of the time. I tried to understand why and here are some clues:

More important/urgent:

  1. Material aging - very important!
  2. Custom decals
  3. Hedge material
  4. FILE SIZE!!! a simple model spends GBs!!! We believe that may be because of downloading of assets, possibly sometimes repeated in different projects? If so, then it would be best to have a single system folder where an asset would be downloaded when requested once and have all projects to share it.
    It would also be best to have a single file instead of a lot of files and folders per project.

Less urgent:
5. Asset movement - In a movie It’s very strange to have all nature still or just some nature moving and other not (vegetation).
6. Assets - Although D5 render has a lot of assets, it doesn’t seem to have a basic objects set.
(In Lumion we have an external purchased library with over 1000 great objects).

I hope this helps.

Hello concepsys,

Thank you for this post, glad to hear this kind of uservoice!

Regarding the no.1, 3, and 5, please wait for our development.

  1. To insert custom decals, you can use decals from D5 library directly, then change the base color map with your own ones and add them to your local library. Do you have further requirements on this feature?
  2. Ok, we will improve this. To reduce the file size, you can delete the imported models from this list.
    Besides, for models from D5 library, they are not stored in your project folder, but another local place. I think it is materials that occupy too many spaces…

  1. Can you please share some details of what assets you need? What types of models do the 1000 great objects you purchased contain?