Render depth pass

I’ve vote for zdepth request, but there is only 1 vote.
I don’t understand why there is so many render passes but depth pass !!??
You should very think about this pass, it is so important !!
Like this with could control depth of field in post production without having to render again.
And the depth pass is very bad unless you are very close to subject

Thank you, this feature is on the roadmap :+1:

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that is cool thanks

yes it’s a necessary thing, I switched to D5 from Lumion. In general, I am very satisfied with the possibilities of the program in relation to the price, zero problems with reflections regardless of the number of planes… in Lumion, unthinkable ;), ray tracing does the job like vray. Things from Lumion that I miss in addition to the aforementioned depth channel are chamfering the edges assigned to the material, weathering the material (both set with a slide) and frozen glass comes out dramatically in the render, also to be improved. Also cool was the option of 3d grasses for planes and ivies with which you could cover the material also using sliders.

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Hi mate, in 2.4 now we can render Zdepth channel.