Render and work when offline

Hello Oliver, I noticed that of course. But do you work on an offline use for PRO user as least? Because if we have an internet bug which can happen sometimes, we cannot deliver any command…

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Hello. In case of internet failure and as pro users we should have, at least, a way to use and render normally our already created project (that become watermarked when internet is off).
Maybe linking the pro licence to the computer would be a way?


Hi mate, yeah, we have recognized this problem, and we may have a solution to it this year. I have converted your posts into this new post, and more users will be able to vote for this.


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Ok thank you Oliver.

Any update on this? My internet was somehow disconnected yesterday after I started rendering, only to find out today of the assets with watermark. One full day of rendering is useless.

Also, why pro badge is not appearing on my profile?

It has happened to me several times and now it is negatively affecting my work, I start the render process while connected to the internet, no problem, but then when I leave my office for the render process to continue overnight, (somehow midnight the internet get interrupted) I come back and find the render has finished but the professional assets all have D5 pro only watermark, this is a very unnecessary inconvenience, Why do we need to be continuously still be connected online during a post-processing stage, which for me usually takes up to 18 hours. How can one reliably succeed in maintaining a continuous connection for all those hours under normal circumstances of individual practitioners. D5 team has to look at this problem seriously.