Regarding the Asset Pack button

Does it work at all? I have been downloading materials and models individually :astonished:
since it doesn’t do anything when I click on it.
Is it my computer (maybe with Kaspersky or other security programs) preventing it to open or is simpy not working yet? Moderators feel free to move this question to the appropriate place, didn’t know where to put it. Thanks.

Im not moderator, and also dont have Kaspersky…but nothing happens when I click on the button-link…I had to download the assets one by one…

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Thanks Toman, I thought maybe some pop up blocker on my end was the cause.

I just think that it worked before, but then they change the materials /you know what i mean, the new 300 materials/ and maybe moved the location of the assets packs on server and therefore its not working anymore…but thats just tip

Cool, thanks Toman. :+1:

It’s been canceled in the new version. We’re developing some new solutions for asset downloading.

Stay tuned! Thank you

Thanks Jessie

Thanks Jessie