Recruitment | Hiring Now: Technical Support Specialist (Philippines-Based)

Join our dedicated D5 Render Support team and become the trusted liaison between our product and our users!

Job Description

  1. Serve as the bridge between the D5 team and users, actively engaging in user communities and support systems

  2. Identify user problems in a timely manner, relay them to dev team, and assist in bug fixes and follow-ups

  3. Closely monitor user experiences, promptly address their issues, and guide them to better utilize D5 Render

  4. Proactively learn and understand the features and underlying principles of the D5 Render

  5. Conduct thorough analysis of user feedback to help D5 team understand market demands and drive product improvements

Job Requirements

  1. Majors in architectural design, landscape architecture, environmental art, interior design, or other design-related fields

  2. Excellent command of D5 Render, and exhibit a strong sense of ownership and commitment to D5’s success

  3. Proficient in at least one DCC software (e.g. SketchUp, Rhino, Revit) and rendering software

  4. Excellent communication skills and customer service mindset to provide high-quality support

  5. Strong sense of responsibility, self-motivation, proactive problem-solving, and a passion for continuous learning

:star: Bonus
Prior work or internship experience in design firms

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