Ratio/ Crop for composition

Hi, could you please add this feature where we can use several options to compose our final image. Thanks


Hi Sohail,

Thanks for the ideas. I consulted the product team, for now, you can click Check->Grid to have a simple grid. We will take this request into consideration, and also, you can share more details on https://d5render.featureupvote.com/


yes please,
we need ability to set size for each scene (it will ease vertical shots)

Hi, if you want to set photo size, you could see here:
If you mean to set the size for each scene, I am afraid for now we cannot achieve this since it will be difficult to generate a video. But I will share this idea with the product team. Also, I suggest you post this on https://d5render.featureupvote.com/, to better record that.