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It would really be great to have more control over the colours. It would be nice if we have the option to select also RAL colours for materials, as most of the manufacturers for windows, renders, cladding, will give a RAL colour. Searching on the web to convert the RAL into RGB is time consuming and sometimes inaccurate. For example I’m trying to get a colour Grey Anthracite for the windows frame, and no matter how much I adjust the colour, and the light settings, it still comes a bit brown in the render, instead of grey. I even tried by turned down all the spec for the material, non-metallic, non-reflective, etc.
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Hello, thank you for the feedback. I have forwarded this to the product team.


Thank you very much, Oliver.

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My pleasure Chris. We add a color correction for the UI, so the color will be more correct even we do not have RAL colors yet.

RAL colors are really a real world use. Usually for paint/fabrics or plastics. Like Pantone in printed documents.
Usually for 3D images or video, clients should have a corresponding color code in hex or rgb
Because RAL colors are very limited, as in RGB it’s millions.
I think you have to use any converter, or a software like illustrator or anything else
Then colors in 3D really depends on environnement and lighting

Hi Oliver,

Thanks Oliver. For me, every time I use the direct link with Archicad 23 it seems like all the textures imported have like a metallic reflectance, even though they are not set up like that. I have attached a photo with the issue I was talking about, colour grey anthracite looking brownish on the left on D5 and looking grey on the right using Artlantis software, with the same material properties and RGB code. I tried the light correction and reduction to try to get to the same result, but can’t do to much without affecting the rest of the textures.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t see it…

Also, just come to mind, is there any option you can choose to have the background below horizon line full with grass or other texture. In Artlantis, the software I used before, you have a tab where you choose to fill the background below horizon line with a texture and also allows you to move up and down the plane level, depending on how the building was located.

I have come across this with Dulux Powder Coating colours, I end up usually using a screen
grab of the colour from Dulux and using it as a texture map rather than using the hex colour values

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