Radeon why not

why not radeon?
I have RX 5700 XT
I am out.

Hi ! Could you please cut a picture?so that I can help you to see what happened.

I have the same problem. No way to work with RX 5700 XT.
D5 window desappear while importing sketchup model.
Graphic card is updated and working normally.

Hi ruipeppe,

Thanks for posting here. For now we only support AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Cardsm since it has ray-tracing feature and we have done a lot of tests on it to ensure the stability. We will support more AMD cards in the future, based on enough amount of tests. But I am not sure whether we can support RX 5700 XT, since it lacks ray-tracing function, although we will optimize the basic GI and lower the requirement.


Hi Oliver,

Will the new Radeon Mobile RX6800M also supported to run D5?

Hi, thank you for asking, I think RX6800 should pass the hardware detection, but the effect may not be perfect. I consulted the related team, they need more time to buy different types of RXxxxx graphic cards and test them.

I see, thank you Oliver, iā€™m in the market to upgrade and just wondering for this, I guess then its safer to stick with Nvidia RTX at the moment.

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