Quixel Bridge to D5 Tool | Convert Quixel assets into .d5a format when importing into D5 Render

This tool is developed by a D5 user Qingtian, and we’re releasing it to help more D5 users. It allows you to quickly convert Quixel assets (.fbx) into D5 models (.d5a) with its texture maps.

For now, 3D Assets and 3D Plants category of Quixel are supported.

This tool runs on D5 Render 2.3 and higher versions.

Welcome to have a try at this tool, and share your works, ideas or feedback with us.

Download Quixel-D5 Tool

Download D5 Render

To run the tool, make sure you’ve installed it, D5 Render and Quixel Bridge.

How to use the tool?

  1. Download and unzip the .rar file into a folder, and open Quixel_to_D5 to launch the tool.

  2. Find your Library Path for Bridge(Edit > Settings), then go to subfolder “Downloaded”


    Copy the file path and paste it into here, and save it.

  3. Click on Edit > Refresh, and you can find that your downloaded assets from Quixel Bridge are now displayed.

    Notice: The models should be in .fbx file format, and since D5 Render uses Metallic/Roughness workflow, we need to select corresponding maps:

  4. After finishing the Export Target settings, you can export those assets in .d5a file format, and the default export path is the folder storing the source file.

    After the model gets exported successfully, the .d5a file will be able to get imported into D5 Render with its original textures.

Now Quixel assets are successfully imported into D5, ready to use with all the maps.


  1. Why did the program crash?

The exported model has to be in .fbx file format, while unsupported file formats can cause crash problems.

  1. Why is there false positive virus detection?

Due to the format problem of the compressed package, it may be mistakenly judged as a virus by the computer. Don’t worry, you can use it after decompression, and run an antivirus scan on it.


Hello D5 Team,

This looks like a very cool and easy way to import Quixel Assets. Thank you for that.

I installed it and followed the tutorial step-by-step, however when I press “export” button in the “Export Target” tab, I do not get copy path nor the .d5a format is created. Tried both Options “Default Path” as well as “Custom Path”.

All other settings in Quxel Bridge app are default, just like you have them shown in the printscreens here.

Do you have any idea, what could I be doing wrong ?

Many thanks in advance !!!

Kind Regards

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I guess it is because you did not choose the correct Mesh LOD. (When you download the Quixel assets, you can select different LODs)

And when you use the tool to export the model, you need to make sure the Mesh LOD type you select is included in the downloaded LODs.

Otherwise it may fail to export models.

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Tutorial to help you get started


me pasa exactamente lo mismo

Hello, please check the reply from ziyin.zhu in this topic.

Hola buen dia! sigue sin funcionar ahora directamente ni me reconoce la carpera de descarga de los objetos… no se si cual sera el problema

When I try to open “Quixel to D5”, the window disappaers after a second and nothing happens?
Please help.

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i have the same problem. it worked for a day, then suddenly the command prompt window opens when you run the exe file, then closes after 1 second. please help. very nice tool when it worked

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Hi mate, please re-download and unzip the tool, also, make sure the file is this correct one.

Cool :slight_smile: does it work with quixel mixer as well to create materials?

hi mate, this tool is developed by a user. And I think it has not supported quixel mixer yet.


Hi, we tested and found the Wetransfer link is still working, please switch a browser or network then try again, or you may need to use VPN if your region cannot use Wetransfer.

For some reason each time I download the Quixle to D5 converter it comes unziped and promps be to pick an application to open the file. It does not open as an application

Hi all I have figured that the problem is the download link. somehow it leads to a “Quixel_to_D5_v1.1.7z” file instead of a ziped .rar file. So I have copied the correct link character by character for anyone who has the same problem.

Link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free


Pareil pour moi… il s’ouvre, me liste des dizaines d’errors dans une fenêtre DOS et se referme aussitôt !

Thanks for your sharing, it’s very useful for me.

I got a trouble with plants, when I export and import the plants, the model elements were gray without any material, could you please help me on this issue, thankyou so much.

Hi, thanks for your tutorial!! But I have a problem that when I imported the downloaded model from Bridge into the D5 (was converted by the tool), it didn’t apply the texture, it just was a total white model like this. May I missed any step?

Hi there,

I read a lot of persons encountering problems to import.
I follow the good video tutorial and take care of specific points and it works great (I already import in less than 1 hour more than 100 models), my steps to make it works:
1- starting the Bridge converter after unzipping the downloaded install
2- defining path of my downloaded assets from bridge
3- in Bridge, I set the parameters to only download LOD0 and 4K materials
4- in Bridge to D5 converter, I change the import parameters respecting the ones from Bridge, image 4K + model LOD0 (my best file wheight choice, full model is really to heavy)
5- I set a personal path for export (one inside my D5 local models)
6- when I finish exporting the different assets, I go on this folder, select all the d5 files (into subfolders, tips> I do a search .d5a, all the files appear, I select and cut/paste) and moove them in the main asset directory (personnaly I name it model/Bridge)
7- back to D5 render, 1 create a new scene named “bridge import” and go to my local assets/bridge
8- One by one I place each new asset, click focus on and click “update thumbnail” on the asset library concerned model.
9- I organize my library moving this new assets to dedicated categories I previously create.

As a french speaker, I hope I’m clear enough in English to help using this great tools and works with good bridge assets.

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